Thank you to all Workshop assistants "Bone and Bone grafting" last 24th of August during the ADEE (Association for Dental Education in Europe) meeting in Barcelona.

agosto 29, 2016

ADEE Workshop MimetikOss injerto óseo sintético biomimético bone grafts biomimetic

Opening the ADEE Meeting, fruitful conversations and group sessions took place raising cross-sectors concerns and opportunities such as patient education, generation of clinical data to support innovations, clinician-patient trust, long-term comparison of technologies used in dental implantology and transparency of manufacturers, among others.

MimetikOss Workshop

Thank you, to all participants and organizers to have generated and impulsed great conversations, sharing different perceptions of the topics covered and expressed sincere preoccupations, worries and wishes to ensure that we, as the whole value chain from research to patient care, ensure safe, predictable and increasingly better treatments over time.

For all assistants, please find here the p-value post, based on this paper published in Nature 2014 dealing with drawing relevant scientific, statistical and clinical conclusions. Find here a progressive zoom from granule size to hydroxyapatite nanocrystals (end of the post) to illustrate the multi-scale porosity needed for a bone grafting material. Also, a wettability illustration between high and low temperature prepared biomaterials may be found here.

MimetikOss Workshop ADEE

This said, we remain available and online for you by email at and even on Whatsapp for any doubt you may have regarding bone grafting. Don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to be the first-to-know about Mimetis’ incoming innovations!

Thank you also to Orbit® for their kind support.

Mimetis Biomaterials designs and manufactures biomimetic, 4th generation bone grafts. The start-up company, spin-off from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), provides the health professional with more than 15 years of R&D in bone regeneration led by Pr Ginebra, through collaborations with clinicians. Mimetis’ value proposition is to collaborate early stage with clinicians to identify unmet needs and provide them with adapted solutions for bone regeneration. Mimetis commercializes MimetikOss, available in exclusivity in Spain at

Mimetis’ staff involved in this post:

David Pastorino

Co-Founder, CEO

Andrea Parellada

Manufacturing and Quality

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Mimetis obtiene una subvención de 320K€ por su participación en el proyecto Maxibone
Mimetis obtiene una subvención de 320K€ por su participación en el proyecto Maxibone

febrero 16, 2018

Mimetis Biomaterials participa en el proyecto Maxibone mediante el desarrollo de biomateriales fabricados a medida mediante una técnica de bioimpresión 3D. Una subvención de 320.000 euros ha sido otorgada para la realización de este estudio... 

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Alternativas al injerto óseo autólogo en la cirugía de fusión vertebral
Alternativas al injerto óseo autólogo en la cirugía de fusión vertebral

febrero 08, 2018

El hecho de que los procedimientos de autoinjerto impliquen un riesgo de dolor crónico continuado en el punto de recolección son todos factores que han impulsado la búsqueda de las mejores alternativas para el injerto óseo en los últimos años...

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Mimetis Biomaterials obtiene una subvención Horizonte Pyme 2016
Mimetis Biomaterials obtiene una subvención Horizonte Pyme 2016

febrero 06, 2018

El equipo de Mimetis Biomaterials ha obtenido una subvención de la línea de ayudas “Horizonte Pyme 2016” por un importe total de 63.000€. El objetivo de esta ayuda pública es favorecer la identificación y la valoración técnica y económica de nuevas oportunidades vitales para la empresa, siendo el resultado un plan de negocio para la empresa.

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